Horoscope born january 29

If you were to ask people that know you, the first thing that they would say is that you are compassionate. They would say that you truly care.

January 29

Of course, they talk a big game. You, on the other hand, are able to give, and give, and give. It seems like you have a bottomless reservoir. You are easily the most supportive and caring person in any room you find yourself in.

You are able to exhibit kindness to people that other people tend to shun or even push against. In many cases, when your generosity is met with lack of gratitude or even insults, you find it in you to continue to show kindness to people until they drop their guard. Unfortunately, you tend to get used.

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You are so concerned with the benefits of others that you often unwittingly play into their schemes. There is such a thing as too much optimism. Sure, they need help. But you really should stay away from them because they will repay whatever kindness and support you give not just with lack of gratitude, but they will try to harm you.

Nothing would make them happier than to drag you down that black pit of emotional negativity and despair with them. Avoid those people because you have a lot to give other people. Air is your paired element. Just as gas envelopes the rocky mass of Uranus, your compassion and your concern for your fellowmen envelopes your personality.

It is what drives you forward. Even if you were to come off as a jerk or a selfish person, this is only because your internal compassion has been somehow twisted by some sort of negative past experience.

They have the ability to sense what others are thinking and feeling, and when the moment is right to make a move. They also understand the power of synergy and how a group of people working toward a common goal is the greatest force of all.

Although they are open-minded and generally tolerant of the viewpoints of others, they may occasionally withdraw into unassertive behavior and—in extreme cases—into inertia; once they are able to trust their ability to make the right decision they can, however, reach for the stars.

Fortunately, around the ages of twenty-two and fifty-two there are powerful turning points in their lives when they develop a greater degree of self-awareness.

Life generally becomes much easier for them in their early thirties and beyond, as they start to realize that within them is the power to achieve almost anything. Once people born on this day have developed their self-belief, their formidable determination to right wrongs can evoke extreme reactions from others; when the reaction is positive they grow in courage, but when negative they may feel hurt.

It is important for them to understand that it is impossible to please everyone; sometimes there is a need to be cruel to be kind. And when they learn this they can fulfill their role as the mystic warrior: There is a tendency for people born on January 29 Zodiac to hold back or withdraw from confrontations in a relationship; this will have a negative impact both on themselves and on their partner.

Once in a secure relationship they are generous and giving, and they need to make sure they are in a relationship where they are able to take as well as give.

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Although relationships can be intense when they are young, they tend to find true love later in life when their sense of self-worth has been allowed to flower to its full potential. For every combination of the Moon with Neptune we need to stay aware of a person's sensibility.

Their gift should be free from aggression or any sort of pushiness or vulgarity. Fluid in emotion, colorful and light, it is a fine painting, a wooden figurine, or anything in touch with their religious and spiritual development.

Spiritual, serene, with their senses heightened, a powerful philosophy and a big heart that is always ready for love. These individuals believe in the best in humankind and never give up on their true ideals. Dependent, weak, lost in their path, without a powerful system of support they tend to fall apart. Lacking words to speak their mind, introverts who suffer in silence, too distant from those who love them and wish to help.

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